Choosing the best free eCommerce Blogger Template

In case you are interested in starting your own eCommerce website, then you should feel free to use Blogger and find a suitable eCommerce blogger template. The eCommerce templates presented in this article have the basic features you will need to manage an eCommerce site without any problems. There are templates on this list that have a premium version. Be prepared to pay a certain amount of money to get the premium version.

Many people prefer Blogger over another platform because it is reliable, easy to use and free. There is no need to take a course focused on web development in order to get the most from this platform. Now let’s check the eCommerce blogger templates you can use for free.

  1. Boutique

The professionals from Soratemplates have created this neat eCommerce template. It was made with Blogger users needs in mind and inspired by WP eCommerce themes. There are many things that make Boutique special and some of them include a great home page slider, fast loading time and the chance to create widgets.

  1. BetaCommerce

Hundreds of people around the globe use BetaCommerce. This free blogger template is completely responsive. In other words, it works well on every device regardless of the display. In addition, it is optimized for search engines. With its help, you can give your visitors a chance to select products and add them to the shopping cart right away. There is enough space to add different widgets in the footer.

  1. Shopingo

The list continues with another great free eCommerce template for Blogger users. Most people like Shopingo for its unique features. For example, the product images you will add will come with a zoom in hover effect. There is also a featured post slider that you can place on the homepage in order to promote specific categories of products. Shopingo allows users to use product categories, shopping cart, and few other things.

  1. Storemag

When you first use this template or watch the demo, you will notice that it is completely different than other blogger templates. We are talking about a completely responsive eCommerce Blogger template that search engines love. The homepage is the place where you can add the product list and the special slider allows you to highlight your best-selling or new products. There are email subscription gadgets, social media buttons and few other elements that will boost your chances for success.